Secure Escape

SEMINAR- Secure Escape - Resolving the conflict for doors

This seminar will assist the architect when drafting the specification to meet the latest legislation for compliance to safety, security, emergency egress, corrosion resistance and best value.

This Seminar Offers:

  • Security v Means of Escape resolving the conflict and achieving secure escape
  • Meeting the requirements of the Building Regulations ADB for doors across a range of dwelling types
  • The need to look at the detail to produce a sound fit for purpose specification
  • The guidance from the current British and European Standards
  • The joint Police and Fire Service initiative guidance, the NHBC and DDA requirements
  • Meeting the needs of a variety of demands in terms of occupants lifetime needs
  • Achieving best value and whole life costs

Learning Aims: 

This seminar will assist the architect/ specifier the ability to produce a clear, concise specification for a range of dwellings. To draft a specification which meets as wide a range of users needs as possible and to understand role of the applicable standards and guidance.


Seminar approx. 45 minutes with additional time for a question and answer session. 

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