Defender Restricted

Defender Restricted designed specifically for resident safety.



  • Built-in quick release lever allows the window to be fully opened for easy cleaning, total ventilation
  • Handed 'profiled' vent arm further enhancing weather seal
  • Extended enclosed end cap to enhance weather sealing
  • Built-in mechanism limits initial opening
  • Restrictor automatically relocates and resets when the window is closed
  • Available in 12" to 24" top hung and 12" and 16" side hung
  • Unique patented robust cam friction device eliminates any risk of friction screw misuse
  • Available in ferritic and austenitic stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Drill jigs for all sizes are avaiable to order
  • Slot hole slot format will provide the ability to adjust the vent easily
  • High carrying capacity on 20" and 24" top hing hinges available



  • Capable of complying with BS 6375-2 and EN 13126-5
  • 10 or 12 Year Guarantee dependant on material selection (details available upon request)
  • Standard ferritic (was 430) steel tested  to BS EN 10088-2 Grade 1.4016
  • Austenitic (was 304) stainless steel tested to BS EN 10088-2 Grade 1.4301 for enhanced corrosion resistance