Postmaster Professional TS008 Letterplate

The Yale Postmaster Professional TS008 letterplate boasts a long list of features that set it apart from the other letterplate options. With its 96mm sightline height, and telescopic feature allowing it to suit a range of door types and thicknesses, this letterplate offers the utmost practicality and versatility.

Designed with security in mind, the inner flap has a positive stop feature to guard against common attack methods and 'fishing'.


  • Patent pending design features
  • Inner flap has a positive stop feature to guard against 'fishing'
  • Internal design houses a unique concealed hinge mechanism
  • Available as a stand-alone unit with no further attachments
  • Fitted with a complete gasket for ultimate weather sealing
  • As little as 4 x M4 screws for easy installation
  • External flap manufactured from Austenitic 304 stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance
  • Smooth radius edges
  • 96mm sightline height
  • Telescopic sleeve to suit a variety of door thicknesses (40mm to 75mm)


  • TS008:2015 accredited
  • Conforms to the requirements of PAS 24:2016 and Approved Document Q
  • Can be fitted to any timber of composite door for TS008:2015 compliance
  • External unit corrosion tested to BS EN 1670 Grade 5 - tested in excess of 1000 hours NSST
  • Tested to 20,000 cycles
  • 10 year mechanical guarantee
  • 25 year surface finish guarantee

What is 'Fishing'?

Fishing is a common method of attack whereby items such as keys are removed from the home via the letterplate.

TS008:2015 explained

All new Secured-by-Design applications on or after 1st October 2018 will be required to have door sets that's are fully certified to PAS 24:2016 (Enhanced security performance requirements for door sets and windows in the UK). The updated PAS 24:2016 standard references the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) TS008: 2015 security standard. This means that to meet the latest requirement the door will require a TS008 accredited letterplate to comply.

TS008 letterplates are referenced within the Building Regulations Approved Document Q as being shown to protect against various attack methods, including letterplate 'fishing'

This technical specification provides a means of evolution against opportunist attack and to prevent contents from being removed from the property. It applies to all letterplate assemblies that allow mail to pass directly through a door or side panel and all slide through boxes that allow mail to pass directly through a door or door side panel.*




*Technical specification TS008:2015/ DHF1112:04/16


Product Options
TS008 Letterplate Black/Black (Comp/UPVC)
TS008 Letterplate Black/ White (Comp/UPVC)
TS008 Letterplate Brushed Silver/ White (Comp/UPVC)
TS008 Letterplate Chrome/ White (Comp/UPVC)
TS008 Letterplate Gold/ White (Comp/UPVC)
TS008 Letterplate Satin Silver/ White (Comp/UPVC)
TS008 Letterplate White/ White (Comp/UPVC)
TS008 Letterplate Brushed Steel/Brushed Steel (Comp/UPVC)
TS008 Letterplate Chrome/Chrome (Comp/UPVC)
TS008 Letterplate Gold/Gold (Comp/UPVC)
TS008 Letterplate Satin Silver/Satin Silver (Comp/UPVC)