Environmental Policy

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At Yale Door and Window Solutions we are committed to environmental protection to the highest practicable standards. By minimizing pollution we will maintain a safe, healthy and enhanced environment for our employees and our neighbours.

We aim to achieve this by....

  • Developing, documenting, implementing and maintaining an ISO 14001 approved environmental management system
  • Continually monitor our environmental performance with respect to minimizing and/or eliminating adverse effects on the environment and prevention  of pollution
  • Conserve resources by reducing waste and minimising consumption of materials and energy.  When waste is unavoidable, we are committed to safe disposal to minimise environmental impact.
  • Ensure that our business complies with all the relevant Environmental Protection.
  • Review and update this policy in line with any significant change in legislation or business activities.
  • Recognise that the protection of the environment is a Company wide responsibility and to ensure that this policy is communicated to all personnel and third parties involved with our business (suppliers, contractors, the public etc..)
  • To provide suitable information and training to all appropriate employees, in order to develop maintain and continually improve environmental awareness.
  • To develop and maintain an empowered team to address environmental issues on an on-going basis, adopting the overall strategic aim of continuous improvements.

By achieving these aims we will strive towards becoming a sustainable company

Kevin Hil

Managing Director

Issued 16-04-2013