Safety & Security Guidance

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Yale Keyfree is designed to be secure and has Secured by Design recognicition, an initiative by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

One feature of the Keyfree lock is that it does not 'deadlock' from the inside. In other words, the door can be opened froom the inside at any time by pressing the handle.

This is a deliberate design feature and provides for a swift exit from the property in the even of fire or other emergency. This fire safety feature is typical of a BS EM 8621 lock and there are many other locks on the market with this feature, such as thumbturn cylinders.

To quote the New Home 2010 guide produced by Design: 'Occupants MUST be afforded the opportunity to unlock the door from the inner face without the use of a key, investigate the cause of a fire of other emergency and return to raise the alarm without any use of a key.'

This is a requirement of the National House Building council (NHBC) Warranty Scheme, who warrant approximately 80% of new homes, and the joint police and fire services agreement for 'Means of Escape'.

As a consequence, it is important that Keyfree customers consider the following:

1) Child Safety

As the door can be opened from the inside any any time, there is a risk that small children could open the door and leave the house unnoticed. Keyfree can be easily programmed with a 'child safety mode', whereby the 80 decibel door alarm will sound if anyone presses the handle from the inside, alerting to you any risk.

If this is a concern, you may also wish to simply add a Yale security chain, available through your professional door installer.

(The alarm feaure is also useful, should an intruder gain access to your home. If the inside handle is armed, then the alarm will sound if they depress the handle and try to exit your property via the door).

2) Use Additional Security Restrictions.

Your Keyfree lock will be supplied with a free Yale Letterbox Restrictor, which you should check your installer has fitted if you decide to have a letter place in your new door. The Restrictor limits the opening of your letter plate to a variety of settings, which you can choose from.


In Open setting, your letterbox will accept the small packages and letters your postman deliveres.

In Partial setting, the letterbox is restricted to 'half open', making it difficult for opportunist 'sighting' thieves and resticting the opportunity for people to peer through the letterbox with prying eyes. If your door is already fitted with a letter place, Yale recommends that you restrict your letter place in this partial setting.