Frequently Asked Questions

Keyfree FAQ's

Will any Keyfree remote control keyfob work with my door?

On installation, your installer will synchronise the keyfob with your door. The keyfobs are blank when you receive them and, onced paired, will only work with your lock. there is no worry of another Keyfree user accessing your home.

What if I lose my remote control keyfob?

If you lose your keyfob, simply place your order on the Yale Digital online shop. Here, you will be able to order new, blank keyfobs, which will then need to be synchronised to your door. The user guide explains how to do this. You can buy up to four keyfobs for your family.

Does Keyfree need to be hardwired?

No, it is a stand-alone unit, operated by four AA batteries, therefore you dont have to worry about electrical connections.

Why is Keyfree only sold on new doors?

Keyfree is the latest in digital home locking and is only compatible with the latest multipoint locking technology from Yale. As a complete locking system, it makes sure your home has the best protection.

A Keyfree model for retro-fitting to existing doors will be available during 2012, so please keep an eye on our website for the latest news.

I'm worried Keyfree is too complicated. Is it really that straightforward?

Keyfree does include a lot of features, but they are all very easy to use, no matter how 'technology savvy' you are. All features have been designed to make your life easier, not to make it more difficult. A user guide will also be given to you upon completion of installation.

Can I add extra security to Keyfree?

Keyfree is designed to be secure and has the Secured by Design recognition, a UK police initiative for safer homes. Some homeowners may also wish to add a door chain or letterbox protector, both of which are readily available through your professional door installer.

One feature of the Keyfree lock is that it does not 'deadlock' from the inside, in other words the door can be opened from the inside at any time by pressing the handle. This provides for a swift exit from the property in the event of fire or other emergency.

Are there child safety features built-in to the lock?

As the door can be opened from the inside at any time, Keyfree can be easily programmed with a 'child safety mode', whereby the door alarm will sound if anyone presses the handle from the inside, alerting you to any risks.

Do I have to use the keyfob or keypad every time I go in and out of the door?

You can open the door from the inside at any time. To save having to use the keyfob or keypad to continuously open the door, for example when you are unloading shopping from a car, it is easy to programme Keyfree with a 'safe passage' mode, so you can go in and out easily and then quickly re-set Keyfree to its normal settings when  you are finished.

What happens if my lock breaks down?

Your door installer can help with any queries or you can contact Yale directly. There is also an out of hours helpline which is to be used in the event of a lockout.

Your user guide also covers all possible situations. Please refer to this in the first instance.