Yale Patio Locks

Employing high performance bi-directional locking technology, the Yale patio lock for sliding doors, is offered in either 4 or 6 hook variants with the option of the shootbolt locking for enhanced security.



  • Anti-lift patio door lock
  • 20mm backset
  • PZ92mm centre case
  • Full stainless steel construction 4 or 6 bi-directional security hooks
  • Suitable for wide range of profiles



  • Corrosion resistance to BS EN 1670:2007 Grade 4
  • Tested to a minimum of 100,000 cycle operational lifespan


Yale recommends that all moving components are lubricated using a non-acidic mineral oil at least twice a year and surface cleaned with a damp cloth. The product may need to be adjusted to ensure satisfactory operation. 


Product Options
20mm backset 6 Hook Patio Lock
20mm backset 4 Hook Patio Lock