Athena Hinge (PVCu)

The Athena Hinge is a 3D slim sightline door hinge which offers a slim, aesthetically pleasing design with an unobtrusive appearance. The unique patented design offers easy, accurate and independent 3D adjustment with the door in the closed position. Supplied pre-assembled and ready to fit, dramatically speeding up the fitting process.


  • 3D adjustment
  • Compression, height and lateral adjustment achievable with door closed (Full Float Technology for visual alignment)
  • No unsightly gaps visible following adjustment 
  • PAS 24:2016 compatible as part of a door assembly
  • Double knuckle construction for increased load bearing
  • Fitter and installer friendly (Lift On, Lift Off door design)
  • One product fits all standard eurogroove systems 
  • Packaging available to suit high volume, separated flow line assembly 
  • Available in White, Black, Brown Oak (UV stabilised), Polished Chrome, PVD Gold and Satin Silver, (any RAL finished available upon request)
  • Patented, unique design
  • Integral interlocking security hooks available


  • 12-month Surface Finish Guarantee
  • 10-year Mechanical Guarantee 
  • Zinc alloy
  • Stainless Steel - Grade 430
  • Plastic - GF Nylon, UV stabilised ABS and Acetal
  • Corrosion tested to BS EN 1670: Painted finishes Grade 5 (480hrs. NSST), plated finishes Grade 4 (240hrs. NSST)
  • Alternatively 1,000 hours anti-corrosion on special painted finishes 
  • Conforms to EN1191 - tested to 100,000 cycles
  • Can achieve PAS 24: 2016 as part of a door assembly
  • Height: +/- 4mm
  • Compression: +/- 2.00mm
  • Lateral: +/- 4mm
  • 3 hinges carry 100kg

*Guarantee subject to correct installation and maintenance

Included within the Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee*

*Terms and conditions apply

Product Options
Athena 3D Slim Hinge Anthracite Grey
Athena 3D Hinge Black
Athena 3D Hinge Brown
Athena 3D Slim Hinge Chartwell Green
Athena 3D Hinge Chrome
Athena 3D Hinge Gold
Athena 3D Hinge Oak
Athena 3D Hinge Cream
Athena 3D Hinge Satin Silver
Athena 3D Hinge White
R9 Athena 3D Hinge Black
R9 Athena 3D Hinge White